HRS to showcase food processing solutions at PACK EXPO Las Vegas
August 13, 2019 Categories: Opinion Piece - Trade Show News by

HRS Heat Exchangers, Booth US-7465, PACK EXPO Las Vegas HRS Heat Exchangers will demonstrate at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, NV (Sept 23-25, 2019) how its 40 years’ experience in the food and drink sector has enabled it to develop complete turnkey solutions alongside its core range of heat exchangers for processes such as pasteurisation, sterilisation,…

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HRS showcase heat exchangers for wastewater treatment at Aquatech Mexico
August 6, 2019 Categories: Environmental - Trade Show News by

HRS Heat Exchangers, Stand 220, Aquatech Mexico HRS Heat Exchangers will showcase highlights from its extensive range of heat exchangers and treatment systems for wastewater and anaerobic digestion at Aquatech Mexico in September, with a particular focus on energy efficiency and preventing equipment fouling. HRS’ heat exchangers are well established around the world in sectors…

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Why have ‘off the shelf’ engineering when you can have bespoke?
July 24, 2019 Categories: Opinion Piece by

No two industrial processes or production lines are the same. Companies and their engineers spend huge amounts of time and money developing the most efficient and practical way to achieve their individual objectives. Specifying off the shelf equipment for a customised process can therefore be counter-productive: bespoke can often be a more cost-effective option. In…

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Product-to-product heat recovery
July 16, 2019 Categories: Environmental - Opinion Piece by

Wastewater, sewage, effluents and sludge are useful sources of energy with the potential to heat (or in some circumstances cool) other products or materials in industrial processes. The DTR Series of double tube heat exchangers from HRS is designed to maximise direct (product-to-product) energy recovery from such low viscosity materials, allowing valuable heat to be…

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Packaged solutions for waste stream concentration
July 9, 2019 Categories: Environmental - Opinion Piece by

Liquid and semi-liquid waste streams are an unavoidable aspect of many industrial processes, from energy production to food manufacturing; from chemical processing to wastewater treatment; systems which can reduce the volume and water content of such waste streams can not only cut disposal costs, but often turn a waste into a potentially valuable resource. Evaporation…

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HRS to showcase pasteurisation and sterilisation solutions at FoodTech Qld
June 25, 2019 Categories: Food - Opinion Piece - Trade Show News by

HRS Heat Exchangers, Stand B30, FoodTech Qld 2019 HRS Heat Exchangers will showcase models from its comprehensive range of heat exchangers for the food industry at FoodTech Qld in Brisbane in July, with a particular focus on safe and efficient pasteurisation and sterilisation. From stand-alone heat exchangers, such as the M Series, for food products…

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