HRS Heat Exchangers – одна из ведущих компаний, специализирующаяся в сфере теплообменных процессов по всему миру. Наше оборудование позволяет получить наилучшие и энергоэффективное решение для широкого круга задач:

Январь 18 2018

Efficient heat use can help cut agricultural emissions

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Январь 09 2018


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Октябрь 31 2017

ANUGA FOODTEC 2018, Cologne 20th — 23rd March 2018

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тематические исследования

AD Trials improve Biogas Plant Performance

When it comes to anaerobic digestion, trials can range from making minor changes with the feedstock mix or dwell time, to assessing the effects of major equipment upgrades such as new CHP units or digestate processing equipment.



HRS Helps Spanish Grower Become Energy Self-Sufficient

At the beginning of 2012 the Spanish government effectively withdrew subsidies for renewable energy, including biogas production, following a moratorium on support as part of wider economic austerity measures. However, despite this there are still opportunities for businesses to utilise this technology.



Innovative corrugated tube heat exchangers benefit leading UK dairy

Holmfirth in Yorkshire is probably best known as the location for filming the long running television comedy Last of the Summer Wine. However, it is also home to the successful family-owned dairy Longley Farm; a leading producer of the traditional local speciality: Yorkshire curd. The company has recently invested in two new HRS corrugated tube heat exchangers to remove heat from products during processing as part of ongoing upgrades to its factory.

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